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Awakening is a 1000-piece, Velvet-Touch puzzle.  It includes a sturdy print of the artwork of Canadian artist, Mandy Budan. 

In her abstract landscapes, Mandy Budan rearranges the elements of nature. She uses strong color, discrete shapes and rhythmic patterns to reveal the beauty of nature in unexpected ways. Her inspiration stems from the green spaces in her home province of Ontario, where she looks for an elusive combination of light, color and shape to stimulate her creative energy. Awakening is a painting (and now a puzzle!) that can be enjoyed for both its abstract and realistic qualities.

Product dimensions 13x9.5x2 in

The Art & Fable printing process produces richly colored puzzle pieces with a soft, velvety feel, and absolutely no distracting puzzle glare.  The puzzles are European-Made, consequently having the overall quality (tight fitting pieces, low puzzle dust etc.) you would expect from puzzles made in this tradition. 

Art & Fable Puzzle Company gives back with every puzzle sold. In many situations the artist chooses the charity for us to support, allowing the funds to go back into the community where they reside.  A donation will be made to Ontario Shores of Ontario, Canada, based on sales of this puzzle.  Ontario Shores Center for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores) is a public hospital providing a range of specialized assessment and treatment services to those living with complex and serious mental illness.

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