Spiritsong Tarot

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Explore the mystical realm with the Spiritsong Tarot deck, available at HighVibe Gifts. This unique deck seamlessly blends two divination traditions—one rooted in the belief that animals serve as guides between our earthly existence and the spirit world, and the other utilizing 78 cards as a conduit to connect with our higher selves. Meticulously curated based on Shamanic and Native American symbolism, each animal within the deck embodies its distinct power, harmoniously merging with the timeless practices of traditional tarot.

Take, for instance, the Spiritsong animal, Raven, symbolizing 'creation,' akin to the symbolic attributes of the traditional Magician card. This thoughtful fusion creates a deck where each animal becomes a conduit to transcendental wisdom, offering insights and guidance from the higher planes.

The Spiritsong Tarot adheres to the classical tarot structure, encompassing the 22 Majors, the 56 Minors, and four suits: Acorns for Wands/Fire; Feathers for Swords/Air; Shells for Cups/Water; and Crystals for Pentacles/Earth.

These 78 Spiritsong animals, intimately connected to the gateways of higher realms, serve as mentors of divine guidance. Drawing upon their inherent Shamanic powers, they stand ready to share their energy whenever invoked. Ever-present and responsive, these spiritual mentors aim to empower you on your journey toward your highest spiritual potential. Whether seeking remedies or guidance in various situations, the Spiritsong deck, comprising 78 cards and a comprehensive 108-page guidebook, is your companion in unlocking the secrets of spiritual insight and growth. Discover the transformative power of the Spiritsong Tarot at HighVibe Gifts today.

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